Ultimate Pools is teaming up with Atlantic Water Gardens

We’re always looking to evolve at Ultimate Pools and work with products that will add to your swimming pool and backyard experience. That is why we’re teaming up with Atlantic Water Gardens to bring you products such as colorfalls, wall spouts, spillways and lighting to make your water features even more luxurious.

These products will be on display in our demo pool at our Magnolia office, but we’re sure you want to know what these products are. Well, you’re in luck, as we’ll delve into the products below with the help of Kyle Weemhoff, the Western Regional Sales manager at Atlantic Water Gardens. So lay back, get comfortable and enjoy this article about advanced water features.

What is Atlantic Water Gardens?

Before getting into their products, I’m sure you want to know a little bit about the company itself. Atlantic Water Gardens is based in Mantua, Ohio, and was founded in 1988. The company wasn’t affiliated with swimming pools originally, devoting the majority of its resources toward artificial ponds and waterfalls. But it underwent a bit of a shift 6-7 years ago, according to Weemhoff.

“We decided to get into the hardscape industry, which involves pools,” Weemhoff said. “We wanted to work with water and walls, bring some new designs, then we introduced our colorfalls and wall spouts.

“One of our slogans is ‘Illuminate Your Evenings,’ and swimming pools are a great way to do that. We are looking forward to working with more pool companies and contractors and getting more into that market.”

Along with the colorfalls, sheer descents, wall spouts and LED lights that we’ll discuss, Atlantic Water Gardens also designs fountains from basalt and rock columns and colored vases to help add some flavor to backyard areas.

Colorful products

Now that we got the intro out of the way, here are some of the main Atlantic Water Gardens features that will be available through Ultimate Pools. These can be combined to create eye-catching spillways like the one below:

LED lighting: This is the foundation for what the company does, as the lighting is what gives the backyard flavor. Whether you’re looking to illuminate your deck and outdoor patio areas or looking to add some flavor to your water features, these lights will do the trick. They are available in 48 colors, giving you an array of options based on the type of vibe you want to project.

But the most attractive aspect of their LED lighting is the simple do-it-yourself installation of it. The Atlantic Water Gardens lighting is basically a “plug-and-play” installation which is fairly painless for the customer.

“It’s extremely simple for the homeowner,” Weemhoff said. “You don’t need to have any lighting experience to put it together. Just put the cords into splitters which are connected to transformers and you’re good to go.”

The LED lights can also be hooked up to automated pool systems such as ScreenLogic so they can be controlled remotely.

Colorfalls and wall spouts: Now that you have the LED lights, you can make beautiful scenes with them. One of the best way to do that is with a colorfall. The LED lights, with their 48 colors, can allow your sheer descents to stand out in the crowd, as you can use several combinations of lights to create the perfect scene.

“You can combine multiple sizes of light to illuminate your sheer,” Weemhoff said. “You can use five 36-inch lights to illuminate a 15-foot sheer or whatever you want to do. With all the colors we have, the options are endless.”

The lights change the water colors by pushing water out through the light, allowing the water to retain that light as it exits the descent and falls down. It turns what looks like a regular sheer descent during the day into an exciting night-time display.

All linked and embedded pictures are courtesy of Atlantic Water Gardens.

Pictures from another pool transformation

We touched on the Groner pool replastering in a previous post, as Matthew Groner graciously allowed us to use photos he took of the remodel. But we also took a few photos of our own to document the transformation of the old Groner pool to Groner pool 2.0.

Pictures from a remodel in The Woodlands

Along with building brand-new swimming pools, we also look to remodel existing swimming pools. Think of remodels like a swimming-pool makeover. Take your old swimming pool, alter it a bit and it’s as good as new. Remodels aren’t easy and aren’t able to be done on every pool, but when they are, they can inject new life into your backyard.

Here are some pictures of a remodel that we did in the Cochran’s Crossing neighborhood in The Woodlands.

The remodel process

Here are some initial photos of what the pool used to look like. Notice the brick coping on the spa and encircling in the first picture and the weathered tile in picture No. 2. The customer was looking to trade the brick coping for flagstone coping and upgrade from the tile, along with getting a plaster facelift. These pictures give you an idea of what we were originally working with.

One of the first things we did was rip out the coping all around the pool and the spa. We also stripped the tile that encircled the hot tub. Here are some pictures of us “doing out with the old.” The first two deal with the coping around the pool while the rest concentrate on the spa.

As mentioned above, we also resurfaced the pool, which included replastering. Notice the holes in the bottom of the pool. They are called weep holes and are essential in surfacing a pool because they don’t allow the shell to “float” away. You can read more on that concept here while enjoying these pictures.

Finishing the remodel

Now that you’ve seen the process, here are the results. As you’ll notice, the brick encircling the pool and the shelf of the spa has been replaced with flagstone, and the weathered tile along the sides is now eye-catching brick. We also added a pretty sturdy rock formation alongside the spa. That goes with a nice plant area alongside the edge of the pool, and we resurfaced the pool with a nice new layer of plaster.

In case you were worried, the spa works just like new. We even tried it out!

Replastering photos

We’re feeling pretty photo happy at Ultimate Pools lately, so here’s a look at a couple of pictures that a customer shot from a replastering job in The Woodlands. A hearty thank you to Matthew Groner for the photos.

Update: The replastering is finished and the pool is filled, just in time for the beginning of swim season.

Pictures of home kitchens, gazebo roofs

Readers of this site know that we work with Well Done Building Projects frequently when it comes to constructing home kitchens. We detailed our work with Well Done Building Projects and Jeff Thayer in this article, but we also dabble in some home kitchens of our own.

Here are some pictures from projects we’ve worked on recently. Enjoy the photos of the gazebo roofs and give us a call if you’re looking to add these features to your backyard oasis.